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Belt conveyor metal detectors

Star Trace is one of the leading conveyor metal detector equipment manufacturer who has several years of experience in designing, manufacturing and exporting conveyor belt metal detectors which stand for superior technology. Detection of metals is mandatory in umpteen number of industries for the following reasons

  • Protects costly equipment.
  • Aids smooth work flow
  • End product is metal free
  • Worth the investment

Conveyor belt metal detectors or conveyor metal detector is available in many models, for the metal detection required in one industry many not suit the metal detector conveyor of another. Understanding the explicit needs of our clients we have also customized conveyor metal detector equipment which is not provided by any other manufacturer.

  • Industrial Metal Detector
  • Metal Detector
  • Metal Detectors Food Processing
Industrial Metal Detector Metal Detector Metal Detectors Food Processing

The purpose of installing a conveyor metal detector is to completely remove ferrous metal from a product flow which is through a conveyor. The conveyor metal detector is installed just below the conveyor belt and starts working as soon as its engaged. Detection of metal particles raises an alarm and a suitable rejection procedure is followed to remove the contaminant. To make the most of the conveyor belt metal detectors the following features are available

  • Detecting metals from loose as well as clustered feeds
  • Sensitivity levels are high
  • Reliable and user friendly
  • Customization of conveyor metal detector according to application
  • Ease of operation
  • Time and money saving.

In addition to the metal detector conveyor system the segregation or separation of the ferrous metal is also highly essential for the success of metal detector. With Star Trace conveyor metal detector you can be sure of not losing the valuable raw material. Perfecting the entire process with experience very less input is lost alone with the impurity making the belt conveyor metal detectors much superior. Contact our knowledgeable engineers to know more and select the exact belt conveyor metal detector which suites your requirement.