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Ultrasonic Screen Separator

Ultrasonic Screen Separator

As a step towards modernizing ours techniques the Ultrasonic Screen Separator was introduced. It is an intelligent combination of vibration from motors as well as ultrasonic sound frequency from an ultrasonic energy converter. To sieve in such an amalgamated environment; the resulting output is superior in quality and delivers more than expected.

There seems to be a lot of praise for the Ultrasonic Screen separator which is also called as Ultrasonic Gyratory Screen separator, Ultrasonic Vibrating screen separator, Ultrasonic Vibrating sieve and Ultrasonic sieve separator, this is because of the efficiency brought about during the screen separation process.

Before we get into the working of the ultrasonic sieve separator lets understand the term "Ultrasonic" or ultrasound as it is commonly called. These are sound frequencies much higher than ones audible to man. When the ultrasonic waves are used they produce a vibrating effect. This vibrating action facilitates penetration which aids fine refining of substances.

  • Ultrasonic Gyratory Screen
  • Ultrasonic Screen Separator
  • Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen
Ultrasonic Gyratory Screen Ultrasonic Screen Separator Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen


The Ultrasonic screen separator has construction similar to the conventional screen separator operating with motor for vibration. The only difference is the presence of ultrasound energy converter. To refresh the screen separator; it consist of gyratory screens with specific gauze sizes to allow or retain matter passed on to it from the feeding point. Several layers of sieve may be present depending on the intensity of separation focused.

The vibration is caused by the traditional method in addition to the high frequency ultrasonic waves thus keeping the particles agile throughout its presence on the gyratory screen separator. As they pass on from one screen separator to another there is no fall in the regularity of vibration, only upon complete discharge from the ultrasonic vibrating sieve they come to rest. The vibrating sieve sizes can be selected from a wide range of options readily available. Another advantage of vibrating or gyratory sieve is that they are self-cleaning.

  • Easy separation into several grades.
  • Out put rate increases as much as ten folds or even more.
  • Self-cleaning mechanism for vibrating/ gyratory screen separator.
  • Multiple layers of sieve can be fixed on varying demands.
  • No mixing up of yield as collection is separate for each level of vibrating sieve.
  • Uniformity is attained which will result in value addition and sales for manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.
  • Uninterrupted functioning with little or no necessity to rest the ultrasonic gyratory screen separator.
  • Original physiognomy of the processed material is retained.
  • Gyratory motion in the ultrasonic sieve separator ensures that no corner collection takes place.
Chemical Industry:

Industries dealing with biochemical or chemical substances use the gyratory screen separator to filter unwanted contaminants that would have entered in the manufacturing process. Resins, pigments, cosmetics, medicine etc.


It would be surprising to know that the uniformity in cereals, pulses and grams is the result of them passing through ultrasonic gyratory screen separator. The ultrasonic vibrating sieve deals with both dry and liquid feeds for grading as well as filtering contaminants. Products passing through the vibrating sieve are superior in standard and are sure to escalate sales for manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.

Disposal systems:

With the help of Ultrasonic gyratory screen separator in combination with vibrating action facilitates solid waste retention when disposing waste water from manufacturing, dyeing and refining units.

Metal-size separation:

In all areas which need grading, sturdy vibrating gyratory sieve is deployed and work progresses without hindrance.

With our constant monitoring of manufacturers, suppliers and exporters requirements we are able to reinvent the traditional system and bring out advancements. With strong footage in our home ground Chennai, Tamilnadu, India we are able to spread our wings globally only because of our clients conviction in quality, durability and trust in our products.

We have been operating from Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) for the past 25yrs as manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of varied magnetic equipment starting from the smallest to providing turnkey solutions.

Though sales is the main driving force in any organization we work with innovation as the propeller which automatically converts to sales. Thus we are able to prove ourselves as leaders from Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) & maintain our position globally.