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Coal feeder

Designing and manufacturing mining equipment for the past twenty five years Star Trace has the perfect set of mining machinery to suite the ever expanding and demanding mining sector. The coal feeder is one among the long list of mining equipment with a broad range of choices to choose from depending on the application.

The coal feeder is a feeding device which takes care of supplying raw material from one process to the other or solely for delivering the end product. Reciprocating feeders are also coal feeders.

Our coal feeders meet perfection and disperse contents in a regular manner so that there is no time lapse as well as no overcrowding.

  • Reciprocating Feeder
Reciprocating Feeders

Working of coal feeder

The reciprocatory action is brought about by crank shaft and gear box. The push and pull action by the coal feeder can be adjusted in accordance to the required feeding rate. The size of the coal feeder can be chosen in relation to the amount of material to be discharged and the feed rate to be achieved.

Features of Coal Feeder
  • Dependable performance throughout its working
  • Operating cost is low
  • Power consumption is low
  • Easy maintenance
  • Requires less space for setting up
  • Simple operating procedure
  • Available in different material handling capacities

Coal Feeder Applications

  • Coal pile handling
  • Take up unloading from hopper
  • Loading to next process
  • Primary feeders in rock crushing
  • Gravel feed stations

The size of the coal feeder is decided upon by the material that is to be handled, its size and the maximum rate at which the load is to be discharged. With Star Trace delivering a wide range of Reciprocating feeders you can always consult our expert engineers to decide on the best Reciprocating feeder that suites your application. You could also send us an enquiry on your requirements that would be answered promptly.