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Magnetic Grill

Magnetic Grill

The Magnetic Grill is has become an inevitable equipment in manufacturing units. The efficiency of grill magnet or magnetic grill is very efficient that there need not be a second thought in installing it. The magnetic grill traps all ferrous particles passing through it and refines the feed of contamination and at the same time protects other machine parts from damage. The magnetic grill facilitates smooth functioning of machines and contributes in continuous work flow. We Star Trace have been in the manufacturing segment for the past 25 years and are leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters with outstanding sales record.

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Magnetic Grill Grill Trap Magnets Magnetic Filter Grill Magnetic Grill Magnetic Trap Grill

The grill magnet or magnetic grill is designed in such a way that it fits almost all the hoppers and would not require any customization but still for the convenience of our clients we do customize the magnetic grill in accordance with the existing hopper. Let’s look into the making of a grill magnet.The magnetic grill consists of tubes which are fitted with magnets inside. These are placed one beside the other, with a calculated amount of space to facilitate efficient working. The paralleled cylinders of the magnetic grill are held in place by holders, running transversely . The entire magnetic grill is made of stainless steel and is usually round or rectangular in shape. Other shapes of magnetic grill can also be catered, upon receiving specifications. Positioning of the magnetic grill is usually at the hopper. But in some manufacturing units hopper may not be suitable or accessible, in such cases placing magnetic grill at collection point or at catch bins will serve the purpose.

Putting the magnetic grill to use. Once the magnetic grill is placed in the hopper it is ready for commencing work. Feeds is introduced into the hopper as always and come into contact with the magnetic rods. Ferrous material if any would be attracted to the magnetic field of the magnetic grill and remain in the underside, this helps them from not being washed off into the product stream again. Positioning double magnetic grills in the hopper are also possible when the expected contamination rate is high. Customized models are also made available to customers on request, contact our head office at Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) or you could even drop a mail.

  • Maintenance free
  • Two shapes of grill magnet are available
  • Available in standard dimensions
  • Varying gauss sizes are available
  • Magnets are of high grade
  • Durable
  • Stainless steel built up
  • Perfect alignment of grill

Few of the industries using magnetic grill

  • Food industry
  • Tea
  • Sand
  • Sugar
  • Plastic
  • Chemicals
  • All types of free flowing material.

Magnetic grills are being used extensively in industries which deal with free flowing materials. As the utility of the magnetic grill increases the efficiency with which it works also has to improve. We update our equipment with latest technology at regular intervals and this has been the vital reason for the steady growth in sales of magnetic grills. Based in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India Star Trace has been in the industry for more than 25 yrs. and has built trust with its clients. A sale from repeat customers for all our equipment is high for this reason. Associate with us over a sale and you experience the quality with which we deliver.

Magnetic Grill

Magnetic Grill has long been in existence and has not changed much other than for the increase in magnetic intensity. The Magnetic Grill is best suited for refining free flowing dry substances of ferrous impurities. The arrangement of the grills in the Magnetic Grill is such that they make maximum contact with the feeds and thereby increase the chance of capturing ferrous contaminants. The Magnetic Grill is usually in circular, rectangular or square shape so as to perfectly fit the hopper shape. Magnetic Grill is available in standard sizes so there is no hassle in installing and putting it to work. With standard size hoppers the Magnetic Grill fits perfectly, non-standard hoppers can be supplied with customized Magnetic Grill.

Notable features of Star Trace Magnetic Grill:-

  • Sturdy structure
  • Standard sizes are readily available.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy maintenance
  • Customization to meet client requirements

Applications of Magnetic Grill are umpteen a few of them are mentioned, they are food, chemicals, pharmaceutical, dye etc.

Grill Magnet

Star Trace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the long standing names in the magnetic equipment manufacturing industry and magnetic grill ,who have carved a place of their own with quality and trust earned from valued clients.

Grill Magnets are grilled structures compact in nature with close magnetic field in each of the grill due to the magnets embedded in them. To put the grill magnet to work they have to be placed over the feeding point or hopper.The horizontal arrangement of the grill of the magnetic grill is such that all the feeds come into contact with the grill. The free flowing input is freed of iron impurities and passes on to the next stage. Placement of grill magnet is not restricted to hopper alone; it can also be placed at the discharge end.

Cleaning can be carries out manually when they are put to use in easily accessible areas. For areas in process line which cannot be conveniently reached self-cleaning or automatic cleaning models of magnetic grill can be opted. Magnetic Grills are put to use in industries like coffee, sugar, plastic, food gain, cattle feed, dhal, flour etc.


Grill magnets are also referred to as Hopper Magnets as they are placed at the hopper end in almost all instances. With many years of experience in the field of magnets we have derived at sizes and shapes that are commonly used.

When a cross section of the hopper magnet OR magnetic grill is seen it consist of hollow tubes filled with a series of magnet. With compact arrangement of magnets it is ensured that not even a small space is left uncovered of magnetic activity in the magnetic grill. One can conveniently place the magnetic grill in the hopper and start feeding raw material as the hopper magnet is already in action to clean contaminants.

A Hopper Magnetor or magnetic grill is sure to be found in the following industries:

  • Cosmetic
  • Refractory.
  • Pharmaceutical .
  • Food grains.
  • Ceramics etc.

to name a few. Hopper magnets (magnetic grill) can also be fitted near discharge bins so as to ensure effectiveness till the end.

Grate Magnet

We take pride in introducing ourselves as leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of a wide range of magnetic equipment ranging from simple to complicated. Grate Magnet is one among them which serves the purpose of removing fine to course iron impurities.

Is it necessary to install a grate magnet? Yes it’s important! When fine ferrous particles are to be removed an easy and low cost first step is the installation of Grate magnet.

Grate Magnets can be placed in the hopper without any prior arrangement or setting up so simple is the installation process. Salient features of Grate Magnet are:

  • High grade SS body covering.
  • Compact arrangement of magnets in magnetic grill which ensure that there are no dead spots.
  • Easy installation.
  • No operating cost.
  • Nil maintenance.
  • Variation in size and models available.
  • Long lasting.
  • Can be customized.

The grate magnet is also one of the widely used magnetic grill device for separation, it can also be placed in multiple locations if the situation demands. They are used in diverse fields like food processing, mining, chemical extraction etc.

Magnetic Grate

Magnetic grates or magnetic grill are engineered to refine a product of its ferrous impurities and there by improve the product value. Engineered with latest technology we manufacture a wide spectrum of equipment serving diverse industries both nationally and internationally.

The magnetic grate or magnetic grill consist of hollow cylinders filled with tightly packed magnets; ensuring no dead spots. Positioning of Magnetic Grill are at the hopper or at the collection bin which facilitated easy accessibility. Automatic and self-cleaning models of magnetic grill are also available.

Industries which make use of Magnetic Grate are:
  • Fodder
  • Ceramic
  • Food grain
  • Pharmaceutical etc.

The magnetic grate or magnetic grill is available in round, rectangular and square shapes which is usually the hopper form. Customization can be done on request by the client. Contact our friendly sales executives who can assist you in taking informed decision concerning Magnetic Grill. Positioning of magnetic grate for effective functioning is also important which again needs an informed decision making.

Magnetic Filter

Magnetic filters / Magnetic Grill are designed to remove ferrous contamination from product flow. The appearance of them is similar to a grill and that being the reason for them to be called as magnetic grill as well. Star Trace as one of the dominant player in the industry has a lineup of varied magnetic filters.

Setting up magnetic filter to function is very simple as they are designed to be placed over a hopper or at the collection point. Magnetic filters or Magnetic Grill have to be placed over the hopper before feeding and the work commences. As the feed touches the magnetic filter ferrous impurities if any will stick to it which can be removed manually or an automatic model can be sort for.

Glass, ceramics, pharmaceutical, plastic etc. are few of the industries that use magnetic filter. Rectangle, square and round are the basic shapes in which magnetic filters or magnetic grill are available. Custom made filters / Magnetic Grill can also be ordered.

Trap Magnet

Having gained copious industrial experience over the years we are able to introduce qualitative and competent products which with stand the test of time and stiff competition. One such product of Star Trace is Trap Magnet very commonly known as Grill Magnet or magnetic grill. The Trap Magnet is designed to trap ferrous impurities that pass through it.

Trap Magnets are made of horizontal rods filled with magnets in a compact manner to exhibit strong magnetic field and are placed in the hopper. When the hopper is fed with raw material they pass through the trap magnet / Magnetic Grill and contaminants ferrous in nature stick to the grill, leaving behind a purified product.

Available variations:
  • Exist in different dimensions
  • Rectangular, square and round shapes
  • Self-cleaning and automatic models
Industries which use trap magnet are:
  • Chemical
  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Refractory
  • Plastic
  • Food grains

Our Trap magnets are known for their trouble free working and durability. The automatic and self-cleaning models of magnetic grill can be installed in inaccessible places where manual cleaning becomes difficult or where labor is scarce.

Magnetic Trap

Our esteemed clients can avail from us a wide assortment of Magnetic Traps which are destined to free hopper feeds of magnetic contaminants. The magnetic traps also known as Magnetic Grill are stationed in the hopper or at the discharge bin whichever is convenient for operational purpose.

Magnetic Trap is designed as horizontal tubes placed next to each other at intended distance. The tubes of magnetic grill are filled with an array of magnets tightly packed to ensure no dead spots are present. Using latest technology and superior raw material the magnetic traps are manufactured to last long.

Some of the industries which use magnetic trap are:
  • Refractory
  • Plastic
  • Food grain
  • Chemicals
  • Minerals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Raw materials or finished products in powder form.

Having served customers in numerous domains we are appreciated for our quality, on time delivery, reasonable pricing, trust worthiness and customer support of Magnetic Grill and all other equipment. Associate with us for trouble free working and lasting relations with experts.

4" 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26" 28" 30" 32" 34" 36"
4" M04W04L M06W04L M08W04L M10W04L M12W04L M14W04L M16W04L M18W04L M20W04L M22W04L M24W04L M26W04L M28W04L M30W04L M32W04L M34W04L M36W04L
6" M06W06L M08W06L M10W06L M12W06L M14W06L M16W06L M18W06L M20W06L M22W06L M24W06L M26W06L M28W06L M30W06L M32W06L M34W06L M36W06L
8" M08W08L M10W08L M12W08L M14W08L M16W08L M18W08L M20W08L M22W08L M24W08L M26W08L M28W08L M30W08L M32W08L M34W08L M36W08L
10" M10W10L M12W10L M14W10L M16W10L M18W10L M20W10L M22W10L M24W10L M26W10L M28W10L M30W10L M32W10L M34W10L M36W10L
12" M12W12L M14W12L M16W12L M18W12L M20W12L M22W12L M24W12L M26W12L M28W12L M30W12L M32W12L M34W12L M36W12L
14" M14W14L M16W14L M18W14L M20W14L M22W14L M24W14L M26W14L M28W14L M30W14L M32W14L M34W14L M36W14L
16" M16W16L M18W16L M20W16L M22W16L M24W16L M26W16L M28W16L M30W16L M32W16L M34W16L M36W16L
18" M18W18L M20W18L M22W18L M24W18L M26W18L M28W18L M30W18L M32W18L M34W18L M36W18L
20" M20W20L M22W20L M24W20L M26W20L M28W20L M30W20L M32W20L M34W20L M36W20L
22" M22W22L M24W22L M26W22L M28W22L M30W22L M32W22L M34W22L M36W22L
24" M24W24L M26W24L M28W24L M30W24L M32W24L M34W24L M36W24L
26" M26W26L M28W26L M30W26L M32W26L M34W26L M36W26L
28" M28W28L M30W28L M32W28L M34W28L M36W28L
30" M30W30L M32W30L M34W30L M36W30L
32" M32W32L M34W32L M36W32L
34" M34W34L M36W34L
36" M36W36L

Flowchart of Magnetic Grates (Rectangular tubes - Rectangular Shape)
Bulk Density (Kgs./Hr)
Cu M/Hr.Weight
640 Kgs./Cu.M. 800 Kgs./Cu.M. 960 Kgs./Cu.M. 1120 Kgs./Cu.M.
08W08L 64 23 25.8 500 550 650 750
10W10L 1003032.570080010001200


Flowchart of Magnetic Grates (Square tubes - Square Shape)
of Tubes
Cu M/Hr.Weight
640 Kgs./Cu.M.800 Kgs./Cu.M.960 Kgs./Cu.M.1120 Kgs./Cu.M.

Size and flowchart of Magnetic Grates (Round Tube - Round Shape)
Part No.Grate Dia.No. of
Cu M/Hr.Weight Kgs.640 Kgs./Cu.M.800 Kgs./Cu.M.960 Kgs./Cu.M.1120 Kgs./Cu.M.