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Drum Magnets

Drum Magnets

The drum magnet is designed to handle separation of ferrous substances from a mixture of non ferrous feeds with at most accuracy and speed. Star Trace offers a wide range of drum magnets which is used by various industries to handle separation efficiently. The magnet used in drum magnet is powerful enough to trap fine sized iron particle as well as bigger dimensions. Customization of drum magnet is also taken up to exactly fit into the exact requirement of clients.

  • Drum Magnets
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  • Magnetic Drum Separators
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Construction and working of drum magnet:

The drum magnet consists of a fixed 180 degree rare earth magnet which is covered or enclosed within a drum like structure which rotates. The feed to be segregated is fed on to the drum and establishes contact with the magnetic field of the enclosed magnet. Ferrous substances are attracted by the drum magnet and stick to the surface while the rest freely fall down. As the drum keeps rotating ferrous substances fall down once they are relieved from the magnetic field and collect in a separate slot. Thus the drum magnet’s effective separation has taken place.

Characteristics of drum magnet
  • The drum magnet is capable of performing continuous separation without demanding down time or time slots for cleaning.
  • Self cleaning with low maintenance
  • The RPM of drum magnetis such that even heavily contaminatedferrous substances are totally removed.
  • Size range of medium and small are effectively handled.
  • Huge volumes are effortlessly handled.

Materials that can be fed on to the drum magnet for separation includes all kinds of dry powders, granules, grains, spices, tea, coffee etc. By putting the drum magnet into use one can be sure of thorough ferrous separation which will help in successful completion.

Drum magnets are robust in construction and are capable of working flawlessly under tough conditions. Send in your requirements for the drum magnet and our technical team will assist you in choosing the one that suites your requirement best.