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Magnetic Plate

Magnetic Plate

Star Trace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading magnetic plate manufacturer with more than twenty five years of experience. Magnetic plates are one among the most important magnetic separation equipment used in umpteen industries. Magnetic plates effectively hold back ferrous impurities from free flowing feeds, as well as those conveyed.

The remarkable usage of magnetic plates in industries like sugar, flour, plastic, gravel etc. reflects the level of efficiency with which they perform. The magnetic plate has simple construction which works to its fullest capacity and holds back irony particles. The face of the magnetic plate which has the maximum magnetic field strength comes into direct contact with the feeds. The deep reaching magnetic field of the magnetic plate makes sure that every particle in the flow is checked and iron contents retained.

  • Plate Magnets
  • Magnetic Filter Plate
  • Magnetic Plate
  • Magnetic Trap Plate
  • Plate Magnetic Filter
Plate Magnets Magnetic Filter Plate Magnetic Plate Plate Magnets Plate Magnetic Filter

Magnetic plates are usually fixed in chutes or below conveyors which assure their effective working. Maintenance and Cleaning of magnetic plate requires minimum time. It is important to note that the entire width of the conveyor belt or chute should be covered by the face of the magnetic plate to make sure that there are no dead spots.

Features of magnetic plate:
  • Total SS construction
  • Easy maintenance
  • Convenient to install
  • Welded for robust creation
  • Available in varying magnetic strength
  • Customization is possible
  • Handling is easy
Areas of application of magnetic plate
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Minerals
  • Chemicals
  • Sand
  • Cattle feeds
  • Fertilizers etc.

Magnetic plates can be incorporated into an existing set up without making much change into what already exists. This allows the magnetic plate to be used by many industries. Our engineers are well experienced in assessing the requirements of a specific industry and providing the right kind of magnetic plate. Send us a brief enquiry on your requirements and we will swiftly suggest the right model of magnetic plate that best suits your application.