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Bin Vibrators

Vibratory Motors

STAR TRACE Vibratory motors aslo called as Bin Vibrators are Robust, Reliable, High Loadable, Quiet Running and require no maintenance.STAR TRACE Vibratory motors are totally enclosed 3Phase, Squirrel cage induction motors with adjustable, eccentric weights mounted at both ends of the shaft, to set up vibrations during rotation. The design of shaft and the selection of bearings has been carefully done to withstand heavy radial loads. Fixed on the bins the vibratory motors are named bin vibrators which facilitate smooth flow of super fine input. Bin vibrators may be of many kinds where in they are used depending on the place they are to be fixed and the intensity with which the Bin Vibrators have to perform.


  • Plastics.
  • Food.
  • Petro-chemical.
  • Process/Packaging.
  • Mining.
  • Cement.
  • Power Stations.
Unbalanced Vibratory Motor

Technical Data:

Centrifugal Force Range:From 42 to 14250N
Operating torque range suitable for vibrating units:From 3.6 to 3600 Kgs.
Working weight range:From 1 to 6000 Kgs.
Power connection:From 3Phase current with 50 Hz 415V A.C.
Rated consumption:0.1 to 10KW.
Ambient temperature:Upto 60 deg.C
Degree of protection:IP 65as in DIN 40 050, P.2
IP 55as in DIN IEC 34, Part 5.
Insulation class:F class.

Pneumatic Ball Vibrators

Star Trace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed dealer in manufacturing and exporting of pneumatic ball vibrators in India which are also called as Bin Vibrators.Star Trace pneumatic ball vibrators or Bin Vibrators are manufactured with a rustproof extruded aluminium body fitted with hardened steel races on which a steel ball rotates.The rotation of the ball bring about the vibration of the Bin Vibrators.

Features exhibited as Bin Vibrators

The control unit comprises of a constant generator, an amplifier and seven segment LED display. An invariable current is made to pass through the Hall probe that when place in a magnetic field produces a voltage proportional to the magnetic filed. This voltage is amplifier circuit and output is read on a digital panel meter calibrated in kilo gauss.

Ball Vibrator


  • Nylon end plates are located on either side to contain the ball and prevent the ingress of dust an dewater, thus allowing the Bin Vibrators to be used in dusty or wet environments.
  • Inlet and exhaust ports of Bin Vibrators have standard pipe threads, allowing the exhaust air to be piped away, ensuring that no restriction is imposed on exhaust air.
  • Four mounting holes are provided, two vertically and two horizontally on the Bin Vibrators for handling difficult mounting positions.