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Magnetic filter

Magnetic filters are effective means of filtering ferrous impurities in dry and liquid feeds. In industrial applications removal of ferrous contaminants is essential to step up the quality of the end product and to protect other machinery from damage. Magnetic filters that handle dry and wet inputs are different and come in varying models to suite specific application and ease of use. Liquid line separators are Magnetic filters designed to trap ferrous contaminants in liquid and viscous feeds. Magnetic grills are Magnetic filters used to trap and hold ferrous impurities in free flowing dry feeder inputs.

  • Liquid Line Magnetic Traps
  • Liquid Line Separator
  • Liquid Line Trap Magnetic Separator
  • Liquid Trap Magnet
  • Metal Separation From Liquid
Liquid Line Magnetic Traps Liquid Line Separators Liquid Line Trap Magnetic Separators Liquid Trap Magnets Metal Separation From Liquids


These Magnetic filters have two openings, an inlet and outlet. Liquid feeds enter the Magnetic filter through the inlet pipe and come into contact with magnetic rods that stretch right across the direction of liquid flow. The rods of the Magnetic filters are fitted with strong magnets which trap the iron impurities flowing along. The contaminants would have entered along with raw materials or would be worn out parts of machinery unless they are subjected to a Magnetic filter removal of contaminants is not possible

Features of Magnetic filters that deal with liquid feeds
  • 100% SS construction
  • Welded arrangement of rods
  • Leak proof design
  • Tri-clamp, bevel seat, welded inlet and outlet.
  • SS 304 and 316 type are also available

These are the basic Magnetic filter equipment to deal with dry and free flowing inputs. Substances like food grains, tea, sand, sugar, chemicals etc can be effectively removed of contaminants when they flow over the magnetic rods of the Magnetic filter. The arrangement of magnetic rods in Magnetic filter is such that the feeds make maximum contact with the magnetic filter so as to efficiently harvest impurities that are harmful in the production process.

Features of Magnetic Filters
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in different shapes
  • High grade magnets
  • Durable
  • Perfect arrangement of magnetic rods
  • Stainless Steel built up

By selecting the right Magnetic filter there are no compromises on product quality and costly machine parts are saved from damage. Installing Magnetic filters will have positive impact on profit. Our knowledgeable engineers are experts in suggesting the right Magnetic filter for various applications. The success of Magnetic filters depends upon using the right Magnetic filter for the right product.

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