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BU-353 GPS Receiver

  • SIRF Star III
  • 20-channel All-In-View Tracking
  • NMEA 0183
  • WAAS/ EGNOS Support
  • 2.08" Diameter X 0.75"
  • Built-In super cap For Rapid Acquisition
  • Built-In GPS Patch Antenna
  • Built-In Roof Mount Magnet
  • USB Interface
  • BU-353 GPS Receiver

The BU-353 GPS Receiver can be utilized in a variety of applications which require GPs signals to be received and decoded in your windows laptop or tablet and for Mac users, iBooks or PowerBooks. Compatible with most NMEA compliant third-party software, the BU-353 is suitable for use in vehicle, marine and aviation navigation as well as commercial and municipality applications such as fire trucks, police cars, buses, GIS data collection and much more!

The BU-353 slim profile housing is completely waterproof and incorporates an active patch antenna for the highest level of GPS accuracy with a 60" cable, Placement of the GPS receiver with in the vehicle is not critical however in those rare occurrences when towering high-rises offer challenging satellite reception, simply place BU-353 on the vehicle roof (attaches via a built-in magnet) for improved performance. Since Power and data are transferred through the BU353's USB cable, there’s no need for batteries or any other external power source.

Transline IG-CBI GPS Receiver

GPS Chipset Media Tek
Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHZ
C/A Code 1.023 MHZ chip rate
Channels 22 all-in-view tracking
Sensitivity -159 dBM to -169dBM
Voltage 4.5~ 5.5V DC
Acquisition Rate Less than 4g Cold Start <15sec,
Warm Start <5sec, Cold Start <15sec.
Altitude Limit 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max.
Velocity Limit 515 meters/sec (1000 knots) max.
Jerk Limit 20meter/sec **3
Maximum Acceleration 4G
  • Transline IG-CBI GPS Receiver