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Magnetic Conveyor Belt

Magnetic Conveyor Belt

Magnetic Conveyor systems are machines proven for safe conveying of metal chips, small finished parts, turning etc. Star Trace as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a wide variety of magnetic products has been into the manufacturing of Magnetic Conveyor systems for the past 25 years. Since then it has undergone several changes to incorporate latest techniques and to meet the growing demands of clients across numerous industries. Though the Magnetic Conveyor Belt does the simple work of conveying, perfection in working is vital to carefully handle the fine iron swarfs. Standard specifications of Magnetic Conveyor Belt are available but we truly understand and agree that the requirements are always not the same for all industries. Standing by this we provide customized magnetic conveyor systems to best suite the requirement.

  • Magnetic Conveyor Belt


As the name suggests the Magnetic Conveyor Belt consists of strong magnets that are enclosed beneath the conveyor. The conveyor of magnetic conveyor systems is of smooth finish and drops no object out of its magnetic field till the very end. The forward movement of the magnetic conveyor systems in the Magnetic Conveyor Belt is brought about by a motor which when engaged to work carries forward the ferrous substances and discharges them at the collection point by relieving them from the magnetic field.

The movement of the conveyor in the Magnetic Conveyor Belt can be adjusted with alteration in motor speed. The distance travelled or the length of the Magnetic Conveyor Belt can in the magnetic conveyor systems can be altered according to necessity.

  • Manufactured using quality certified raw materials to ensure that the product is of top quality.
  • Output is uniform at all times.
  • Smooth functioning for years
  • Noise level is minimum.
  • Lubricating system is internally available.
  • Wear and tare due to continuous working is meager.

As we are open for customized Magnetic Conveyor Belt requirements deviations from standard dimensions can be discussed with our sales executives. Having served clients globally as well as in our home town Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) we have catered to sales requirements of varied kinds. Our experienced engineers are well informed about magnetic conveyor systems and can assist you in selecting the one that best suits your requirements. With facilities for 3D modelling of magnetic conveyor systems you can visualize them perfectly fitting into existing set up. Other than for conveying, the magnetic conveyor systems are also used in combination to fulfil various material handling tasks.

When making a decision to purchase magnetic conveyor systems it is wise to check for certain specific criteria’s like technique of conveying, slant or angle of inclination, height etc.. Several models of magnetic conveyor systems are available for you to choose from.

Just drop in an inquiry and we would render our service to your satisfaction.