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Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyor is a mechanical handling equipment used to convey bulk material from one place to another. They are a very popular conveyor system that it is known even to people outside the manufacturing field. We at Star Trace have been dealing with belt conveyor for the past twenty years and have supplied to customers globally. Basically heavy and big boxes, sacs or materials are moved in the Belt Conveyor. The speed of the belt is controllable by a control unit and can be regulated depending upon the product conveyed and the desired output. The Belt Conveyor has the greatest advantage of saving time and labor.

  • Belt Conveyors

Construction :

The construction of the Belt Conveyor is simple and do not have complicatedly functioning parts to manage. So they seldom create problems and offer a trouble free dynamic environment.The Belt Conveyor has rollers beneath the belt, which are the driving forces for movement. The acceleration at which the rollers rolls determines the speed of conveying.They are present all along the length of the Belt Conveyor.Control units are installed to regulate the rate of flow.

Working :

The straight forward running of Belt Conveyor needs no explanation, once the system is powered the rollers start rotating and work begins. The velocity at which conveying is done differs widely according to the kind of business and product handled.

Features :
  • Robust built up to work effectively in challenging environments.
  • Smooth moving rollers ensure uninterrupted work flow
  • Belts available in various widths
  • Spillage is reduced by incorporating finishes like skirting.
  • Easy to clean
  • Regular maintenance ensure uninterrupted process flow
Applications :

The Belt Conveyor is an industrial equipment which is used for moving the mined ores from one place to the other. Coal, fly ash,aggregates, stone, gravel, sand etc are few of the many substances moved in the Belt Conveyor.

There are situations where in the Belt Conveyor runs for long distances in several kilometers to reach the destination. In such cases the requirements may differ from the conventional Belt Conveyor operation and need alterations to suite the substance carried, the environment temperature and specific need of the client. By conducting a through study about the location and item handled, an effective technique can be tailor made.

Several variations of Belt Conveyor are available as it is being used by many manufacturer, supplier and exporter.Globally the Belt Conveyor mechanism has gained wide appreciation for its efficiency. Belt Conveyor are used in food industry but the expectancy of it is different from the ones used in mining. The mere change in industry will bring out a totally different Belt Conveyor. Our customization is well appreciated and has brought in sale.

The main criteria for closing a sale is the quality and how exactly we catch the specifications and deliver. Many of our long time customers are associated with us for all their need as manufacturer and supplier keeping trust in our standards. Purchase our machinery and you can be sure of trouble free working at all times.

Technical Specification for Belt Conveyor :

Further Reference to the above, below Specification Is for Sample Only. Our Product Is Customized One It Will Change as per Customers Requirement

  • Make : Star Trace
  • Equipment : Belt Conveyor
  • Belt Width : 500 Mm
  • Conveyor Length : 10675 Mm
  • Profile : Horizontal
  • Belt Type : 3 Ply×315/3×3mm+1.5mm
  • Belt Speed : 70m/min
  • Drive : 3.5 Kw, 3 Phase, 415 V, 50 Hz
  • Motor Make : Abb/crompton/transteck
  • Gear Box Make : Bonfiglioli/ Primimum Greaves/ Transteck
  • Drive Coupling : Direct Mounted