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Electrowinning also called electro extraction, is the electro deposition of metals from their ores that have been put in solution or liquefied.

In electrowinning, a current is passed from an inert anode through a liquid leach solution containing the metal.

So that the metal is extracted as it is deposited in an electroplating process onto the cathode.

In electro refining, the anodes consist of unrefined impure metal and as the current passes through the acidic electrolyte.

The anodes are corroded into the solution so that the electroplating process deposits refined pure metal onto the cathodes.

  • Electro Wining
Electro Wining

Star Trace Copper leaching agent may be dissolved copper minerals are many kinds of leaching agent, but actually onlywater, sulfuric acid, ferric sulfate solution, ammonia solution and chloride solutions in industrial applications are used. The most commonly used copper leaching agent is sulfuric acid. Containing quartz and more acidic copper oxide, generally preferable to sulfuric acid leaching, not only because sulfuric acid inexpensive, but also because of the acid sulfuric acid leach ore consumes less. Containing alkaline gangue higher copper oxide, liquid ammonia leaching is generally used. Mixed copper sulfate and ferric sulfate is appropriate mixture of extraction, sulfuric acid is mainly dissolved copper oxide minerals, iron sulfide minerals are dissolved copper. When dealing with some metallic copper-containing materials, can also be used ammonia leaching with sulfuric acid. The method has been applied to industrial production or reach semi-industrial pilot phase methods are mainly sulfuric acid leaching, ammonia and chloride leaching medium leaching.

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