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Crane Magnet

Crane Magnet

Star Trace being an expert manufacturer, supplier and exporter of magnetic equipment has introduced the 'crane magnet' as an addition to lifting equipment which out performs all its peers in efficiency and quality. The crane magnets are basically electromagnets used alongside cranes so as to complete the lifting action needed in factories, dumping grounds etc. Crane magnets bear a lot of responsibility in terms of service, safety and time. The sales of crane magnet have diversified into several applications due to their efficiency.

As Crane magnets are electro magnets, reasonable supply of electricity is required for the operation. Switching between loading and unloading with simple operation they are the most convenient in handling huge volumes of ferrous loads irrespective of shape and size.

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Construction and working of Crane magnet:

The crane magnet puts to use the electro-magnetic induction principle, the core of the electro magnet is wound by coils which are the ones that conduct electricity. The size of the core and the number of turns of the wire through which current passes determines the lifting capacity. An increase in both the components will directly increase lifting capacity of the crane magnet.

Electromagnets are stronger when compared to natural magnets as far as the crane magnets are concerned as they are employed in huge work areas handling heavy materials. The finish and the size of the crane magnet is related to its strength and is chosen accordingly to suite the working environment. Crane Magnets are operated by turning off and turning on the electricity supply which provides hazel free work flow.

Areas of applications of Crane magnet:

With respect to their capacity to handle heavy materials their application is found in handling finished steel sheets, iron rods, moving bulk scrap in dumping yards etc. Varying strengths of crane magnet can be applied to suite the exact requirement in lifting.

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