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Plate Magnets

Plate Magnets

We, Star Trace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are reputed manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of superior quality stainless steel plate magnets that have brought about customer satisfaction through their efficient working. These plate magnets are offered at compelling prices, thus putting up stiff competition among competitors. The plate magnets are designed in such a way that they are easy to install and into the granular feed tray. The plate magnet holds back tramp iron that contaminates the product stream and damage costly working parts.

The plate magnet which is also referred to as the industrial plate magnet is available in varied dimensions to suite the working need of many industries that employ them. Possessing 25 yrs of experience in sales of plate magnet we clearly lead in the manufacturing of not only plate magnets but also many magnetic separation equipment designed by us. As the plate magnets come into direct contact with the feeds they are manufactured using standard quality material. Intended to trap ferrous particles the plate magnets are positioned at the bottom of the chute or on top of a conveyor.

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  • Plate Magnetic Filter
Plate Magnets Magnetic Filter Plate Magnetic Plate Plate Magnets Plate Magnetic Filter


  • The Plate Magnet has Low profile design for smooth product flow over the face of the magnets.
  • Easy 4 bolt installation with mounting hardware (included).

Plate magnets / flush face deliver magnetic separation at optimum level when they are above the chute or over the belt. Magnetic protection from ferrous impurities is maximum as the contaminants are picked up by the plate magnet thus improving the product stream in quality.

Plate magnet- Exposed pole:

We design exposed pole plate magnets that are used in applications where handling volumes are low. The positioning of the plate magnet is beneath the product flow were the face of the magnet is covered by the flow of product.

Spout magnet:

Spout magnets of plate magnet model are used in chute applications where there are possibilities of impurities being washed away in the product stream. This problem is effectively handled by spout magnet as there is a primary diverter to prevent the escape of impurities. A secondary diverter is also positioned in such a way that it ramps the product downstream towards the chute edge. Thus ensuring perfect removal of impurities.


Spout magnets self cleaning model provides complete removal of tramp metal in the chute application. Cleaning mechanism of spout magnet is automatic and can be installed at locations where regular manual cleaning is not possible. These are very effective in industries where constant or cleaning at regular intervals is required.


Fine particle size separation is now available in a plate magnets. These plate magnets are substantially stronger than conventional plate magnets. Located in chutes, this rare earth, plate magnets can capture weakly magnetic iron in dry or wet product flows. This plate magnets features two liquid tight diverters to prevent captured tramp iron wash-off. Manufactured in two different strengths and in widths to match your chute.

Plate magnets for flat conveyors:

These are Perfect match for flat conveyors who’s width is much wider than the regular conveyors. These plate magnets specially designed for single layer applications like chips cookies, fiber glass, textile etc come in varying thickness and magnetic strength to ensure effective removal of tramp metal that would have fallen into the conveyor. The length of the magnet is manufactured to match the width of the conveyor. Customized plate magnets are also available.


Plate magnets are flat magnets designed specifically for conveyors. Their structure consist of a face plate usually rectangular in shape, below this is the rare earth magnet which actively involves in capturing tramp iron. As seasoned manufacturers we walk the extra mile and customize the plate magnet to suite client requirements thus being able to satisfy clients globally and in India.

The positioning of industrial plate magnet is usually below the conveyor to trap iron impurities. The main reason behind the positioning of the plate magnet is that the tramp iron will settle itself down due to its weight and trapping them right away would prove to be effective. Alternative position suggested for the plate magnet is above the raw material flow and maintaining a closest possible location. When the ducts are at 45 degree slant the plate magnets are also positioned to suite it. The count of magnetic plates is increased in accordance to the level of contamination predicted by the manufacturer. Other than for the standard sizes we also provide customized plate magnets so as to cater to the exact requirements of clients.

Experience our perfection and uninterrupted work flow rendered by our machines over a sale which has been enjoyed by our esteemed customers in India and globally.We would Impress you in our first sale.

Plate Magnet

Star Trace is one of the experienced manufacturers supplying a wide range of plate magnets to varied industries. Plate magnets are used for the removal of fine iron impurities that would have entered the process line due to wear and tare of working parts or as a contaminant in the raw materials. Plate magnets installed by us are compact and have strong magnetic field that lasts for many years. As the plate magnets are easy to install incorporating them into the process line needs very less change in original setup. Industries like tea, tobacco, cosmetics, ceramics etc. are few of the very many applications.

Highlighting the features of Star Trace plate magnets

  • Robust construction
  • Long lasting magnetic strength
  • Effective removal of ferrous impurities
  • Easy installation

Have a discussion on your requirement pertaining to plate magnets and our knowledgeable executives will help you take an informed decision.

Magnetic Plate

Looking for an extensive ferrous impurity management solution? Log on to the web site of Star Trace and you will find a plethora of equipment to effectively eradicate ferrous impurities in your product flow. We have several years of experience in the manufacturing segment which has put us in a better position to solve your problems arising regarding contamination by iron. The magnetic plate is an easy to install equipment which needs no major adjustment in existing set up. Industries which make use of plate magnet are

  • Textile
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Mineral etc.

The magnetic plates can be used in cumbersome places and still yield contamination free output. By using the plate magnet the quality of the product is increased and parts of other machinery are also saved from damage.

Rare Earth Plate Magnet

We Star Trace are the leading manufacturers of magnetic equipments which is offered in an assortment of specifications to fit into the production line of many applications. When a plate magnet is installed into the process line the rare earth magnet exhibits its intensity and captures every single iron particle to free the raw material from iron impurities. Ferrous substances from fine to very fine sizes are effectively removed. Few remarkable features of plate magnet are as follows:

  • Use of rare earth magnet
  • Reliable at all times
  • Magnetic strength lasts long
  • Can be used in dry, liquid and viscous products.
  • Impurities can be removed easily from the face of plate magnet.

As we supply magnets in different intensities and dimensions they are used in a wide range of applications. To know more about plate magnets fix up an appointment with our well informed executives.

Industrial plate magnet

We are prominent manufacturers with 25 yrs of experience in designing and manufacturing plate magnets that is much appreciated for its long lasting performance. Fixing up of plate magnets is done by making a rectangular opening in the chute so as to introduce the face of the plate magnet in the product stream. Once the magnet is put to work iron contaminants passing by the face of the magnet are attracted and kept in-place. When considerable accumulation of impurities happens it is swinged open and cleaned manually. Automatic cleaning models of plate magnet are also available.

Industries in which plate magnets are used:

  • Food industry:
    1 Juice
    2 Sauce
    3 Milk Powder
    4 Coffee
    5 Tea etc.
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Processing of minerals
  • Chemical industry

Our brand stands as a symbol of quality and trust, this we have earned amid stiff competition. Associate with us over a sale and experience uninterrupted work flow for very many years to come.

Food Grade Magnet

The food industry employs the plate magnet to a great extent as they are very easy to install and effective in removing iron impurities. Regardless of the consistency and kind of raw material handled the plate magnet removes impurities of different sizes. The plate magnet is also called food grade magnet and are fixed at the bottom as the iron contaminants settle down to the bottom which would be convenient for removal. Our experienced executives will be able to guide you in choosing the correct location. Drop in an enquiry to know more about the plate magnet.

As the plate magnet handles food item it is necessary that they are made of food grade material. High grade SS plates are used for the making, which is safe to be used in food industry. The food grade magnet is available in different dimensions and specifications which adhere to standards. Sugar, tea, cosmetic, chemical, milk powder, coffee etc. are the industries that use the plate magnet.

As dominant players, manufacturing a wide range of magnetic equipments we resolve practical difficulties faced by our clients. This we owe to our 25 yrs of experiance and trust we have developed in the industry.

Chute Magnet

Plate magnets are used to remove tramp iron impurities from product flow and are either installed at the entry or exit points. The intensity of the magnets in the plate magnet or chute magnet is effective enough to hold back fine ferrous contaminants. At times even nuts and bolts would have fallen into the product line which would cause serious damage to other working parts. Installing the plate magnet would reduce the risk and bring about quality in production.

Installation of the plate magnet is simple and do not require much modification. They are introduced in chute where the product enters as well as in many other locations so as to eradicate ferrous contamination fully. Few of the Industries that use the plate magnet are:-

  • Gypsum
  • Glass
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetic
  • Recycling

As all our products undergo stringent quality checks and ensure full working effeciency we are known for our high standards. The flawless working of our machines has earned us a name among our competitors.

Plate Magnetic Separator

Star Trace is proud to be one among the leading manufacturers of magnetic equipment globally. We offer a wide variety of crushing, separation, magnetic, screening and vibrating equipment. The magnetic plate is one among them and serves in the separation of magnetic impurities from a product stream. The magnet is totally protected by stainless steel covering and usually comes with rare earth magnets which have high intensity. Special requests from clients on choice of magnets are also fulfilled as we customize the entire product.

Plate magnetic separator is used to remove iron impurities that flow along with the product stream. They would have entered as a contaminant along with the raw materials or would be worn out parts of machines themselves. To remove such contamination the plate magnet is used which is very effective. More than one plate magnet can also be used depending upon the level of contamination present.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Long lasting
  • Food grade
  • Customization is possible
  • Rare earth magnet