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Bullet Magnets

Bullet Magnet

Bullet Magnet from Star Trace is one of the best equipment for inline magnetic separation of ferrous substances present in feeds. The Bullet Magnet has a powerful magnet enclosed in a casing and place in the center of the arrangement. The arrangement of the Bullet Magnet is such that every particle passing through comes in contact with the magnetic field. Ferrous particles of very small size are also trapped and a ferrous contaminant free product is obtained.

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Construction of Bullet Magnet:

The Bullet Magnet is usually made of Stainless Steel body to keep up to the food grade quality; upon sales request from clients the material can be changed. An inlet and outlet is also present which is fixed into the existing pipe line. A bullet shaped magnet is mounted on the inside of the door of theBullet Magnet, upon opening; the magnet comes along with the door which makes maintenance easy. Bullet Magnet is available in standard sizes so they can be easy fit into existing process line.

Working of Bullet Magnet:

Once the Bullet Magnet is fixed into the assembly line it is ready for use. The free flowing feeds pass through the Bullet Magnet and any ferrous material present is attracted by the magnetic field. The Bullet Magnet holds the iron particles, after considerable amount of ferrous particles have collected the door of the Bullet Magnet is opened and the magnet is manually cleaned. After few minutes the Bullet Magnet can be put back to work.


The Bullet Magnetis simple in its construction but very effective in working. The construction is made of Stainless Steel as they are safe for being used in food industry, during a sale the chance in construction can also be incorporated. The sizes available with the Bullet Magnet are standard as they would fit exactly into any existing standard setup. As an experienced manufacturer, supplier and exporter we understand the requirements of our clients and we go the extra mile and customize the product.

Star Trace has very good reputation for delivering the products on time, so there would be no delay in installing and starting production. Maintenance is very minimal and this gives an upper hand for Bullet Magnet when compared to other separation methods. To summarize the features let’s put them down.

  • Made with premium quality Stainless Steel for resistance from corrosion.
  • Bullet Magnet worksperfectly with feeds of normal temperature, however if higher temperatures are to be handled they can be customized.
  • Simple installation of the Bullet Magnet makes it easy to start work without losing out on time.
  • The Bullet Magnet has amazing field intensity that it traps fine ferrous substance as well.
  • Bullet Magnet is available for fixing in horizontal and vertical positions which makes it preferable over other separation equipment.
  • Tailor made Bullet Magnet is also supplied.

Having designed the Bullet Magnetas user friendly equipment to trap contaminants Star Trace is also a renowned manufacturer for numerous magnetic equipment. Head quartered in Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) Star Trace has several branch offices that take care of sales globally. You could also place your orders online and get them delivered at your doorstep. Drop in an enquiry and our executives will detail you on the product. Look for unmatched service and product quality from us.

Bullet Magnets
Technical Specification
Model No. ØA ØB ØC D
STRBM-50 50 150 114 400
STRBM-100 100 165 220 600
STRBM-150 150 225 275 650
STRBM-200 200 275 345 775
STRBM-250 250 325 430 850
STRBM-300 300 395 485 880
STRBM-400 400 484 600 1100
STRBM-500 500 584 780 1200
STRBM-600 600 700 935 1450
STRBM-700 700 800 1000 1650