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Tramp Magnet

Tramp Magnet

Tramp metal poses serious threat to the safety of equipment and to the quality of product manufactured. Close monitoring and removal of tramp metal is taken care of by tramp magnets. Tramp metals differ in size, they may be coarse to fine or big to small. Various Tramp magnet equipments are available to remove them and produce quality products.

Suspension magnets are tramp magnets which are capable of removing large sized ferrous impurities. They are usually suspended from above over a moving conveyor belt so as to pull up ferrous contaminants. Substances like tools, dropped or fallen by mistake, loosened screws bolts nuts etc. are readily removed from the main stream and machines are protected. Cleaning the tramp magnet is by manual means and the interval of cleaning depends on the level of contamination.

  • Liquid Line Separator
  • Magnetic Filter Plate
  • Liquid Trap Magnet
  • Magnetic Trap Plate
  • Liquid Line Magnetic Traps

Self cleaning tramp magnet like the overband magnetic separator are preferred in locations where the amount of tramp metal collected is high and frequent removal is necessary. As there is no cleaning involved in the self cleaning model, work flow goes uninterrupted, with such advantages these tramp magnets are best for heavy work load environments.

Drawer magnets are another kind of tramp magnet where in the feeds are free flowing. Cleaning the magnet is very simple and can be done without delay. Several models are available to suite the varying requirements of industries. The placement of all the above tramp magnets is crucial as this fetches maximum tramp metal and ensures a cleaner product. Positioning at the packaging point or at the suspected worn out machinery will make sure that the product is free from contamination.

Consult our knowledgeable engineers at Star Trace to have a better understanding of tramp magnets and apply the best one that suites your purpose. Customization is also undertaken by us to exactly match your requirements.