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Screw Conveyor

Screw Conveyor

Star Trace as a leading manufacturer,Supplier and exporter of all industrial equipment has designed the competent screw conveyor which is used across many industries for handling a wide variety of materials. Screw conveyor handles bulk goods from one process level to the other usually along a plane surface ,slight inclination can also be given to deliver at a higher position. The extensive use of screw conveyors is due to the low maintenance,uniform movement of large quantities and even distribution to the next stage. Variations in design are also done to suite the kind of stuff handled.

  • Screw Conveyor

Construction and working :

The screw conveyor has helical screw blade that rotates and is placed inside a trough which is in semi circular. The rotational motion is initiated by a motor and keeps the screw in a fixed motion. A lid is also provided to close the screw conveyor to prevent external contamination or spilling down.

Once the driving force is engaged in the operation the screw conveyor starts rotating. Input can either be fed directly into trench or the screw conveyor may take up material from storage tanks or feeders below which it is placed.As the screw revolves they keep pushing the feed forward and finally discharge them to the next processing phase or to where ever they are scheduled. Thus with simple functioning the screw conveyor moves supply forward to the desired location.

The screw conveyor is capable of moving substances that are fine powder, granules, wet and semi solid. The products that come under this category are food waste, garbage,animal feeds,ash, grains etc.

Features :
  • The screw conveyor is made of high tinsel strength alloy which can withstand aberrations cased during operation.
  • Environment friendly
  • Does not create much noise
  • Lid is provided so as to constrain the material conveyed from creating dust in air
  • Capable of conveying loads in flat and inclined positions.
  • Once the speed for conveying is set regularity is maintained thus ensuring steady product flow at all times
  • It is also possible to control feed rate
  • Discharging at multiple outlets is also possible.
  • Screw conveyor is available in a ample range of dimensions to serve varied purposes
  • Trough size , shape and length can also be custom made according to client requirements
  • Needs very less care
  • Cost effective
  • Works without or with very less down time.
Applications :
  • Mining
  • Conveying grains
  • Moving sticky ingredients
  • Municipal waste
  • Pharmaceutical

As a reputed manufacturer and supplier from Chennai (Tamilnadu,India) our screw conveyor has been working with out complaint for more than ten years and with this durability sale of screw conveyor is done globally. Constraints in space and carrying to higher levels without wastage is possible with the screw conveyor. Give us a call on your requirement and specifications and our trained executives will guide you through the sale. The option of Customization is always open with us and we can design screw conveyors that work trouble free.

Technical Specification for Screw Conveyor :
  • Make : Star Trace
  • Equipment : Screw Conveyor
  • Capacity : 25 Tph
  • Material : Pet Coke Handling
  • Trough Dia : 255 Mm
  • Trough Length : 3000mm (Inlet & Outlet Center Distance)
  • Flight : Mild Steel
  • Trough : Mild Steel
  • End Cover : Mild Steel
  • Screw Shaft : Mild Steel
  • Screw Axis Speed : 30rpm
  • Feed Opening : Ø 250mm
  • Output Opening : Ø250mm
  • Screw Pitch : Ø 250mm
  • Bearing : Four Hole Flange Bearing
  • Bearing Make : Ntn Japan (Imported)
  • Drive : 1.5 Kw, 1440 Rpm, 3 Phase, 415v, 50hz, with Reduction Gear Box

Since we are engaged in manufacturing as well as in offering turnkey projects to our customers, we pay utmost attention to customer's specific demands and requirements. We take pride in our ability to tend to all the demands made by the customers concerning designing, fabrication, erection, installation or any other work. Our personnel ensure that the client's requirements are met with within the stipulated time frame and at industry leading prices. These endeavours are taken care of by obtaining the drafts of their designs or site maps for installation, erection etc.

Once our personnel have an idea of what the client needs, it becomes easier for them execute their orders with efficacy. We have segregated our workforce for taking care of designing and production work as well as for rendering services for turnkey projects. We have personnel who are trained to execute installation, erection, fabrication work for the clients at their premises.