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Digital Gauss Meter

Digital Gauss Meter

Star Trace being a pioneer manufacturer and supplier of Digital Gauss meter has serviced clients in India and abroad with high quality products which are known for their trouble free running. Gauss meter are manufactured using high quality material which has gained the satisfaction of clients.

Digital Gauss meters are hand held devices which are used to measure D.C magnetic field using Hall Probes. The Gauss meter is available in two different ranges and helps in quick calibration. As the Digital Gauss meter is easy and simple to handle it is extensively used in industries which require measurement of magnetic field.

  • Digital Gauss Meter
  • Handheld Gauss Meter
  • Magnetic Gauss Meter
  • Portable Gauss Meter
  • Table top Gauss Meter
Digital Gauss Meter Handheld Gauss Meter Magnetic Gauss Meter Portable Gauss Meter Table top Gauss Meter


Digital Gauss Meter is manufactured by many manufacturers in India and abroad, amid all of them Star Trace, with 25 yrs of experience excels in quality and durability of the Gauss Meter they deliver. Digital Gauss Meter is used to measure the D.C magnetic field using Hall Probes. A few ranges of Gauss Meter are available which perfectly serves the purpose of several industries. Hand held and table top Digital Gauss Meter is available for immediate sale.

The entire Digital Gauss Meter is placed with in a plastic casing which has attachments to be place on a stable surface as wells as to be portable. The digital display is of LED light and is clearly visible at all angles. The resolutions are within comfortable range. The sensing area is 1 sq mm from the tip of the Digital Gauss Meter.

The circuit:

The components of the Digital Gauss Meter consist of a LED display unit, amplifier and a constant generator. Constant current passes through the Hal probe and it is placed in the magnetic field, a voltage proportional to the magnetic field is produced and the readings are visible on the display unit. The calibrated output of the Digital Gauss Meter is in Kilo Gauss.

Specification of the hand held Gauss Meter:

  • Weight : 1 kg approx.
  • Range Full Scal: 0 to 2 and 0 to 20 Kilo Gauss.
  • Dimension(Size): 180mmx 40mm x 100mm
  • Power : Battery operated 9 Volt DC
  • Resolution : 0.1 % of full scale.
  • Accuracy : ± 1 % full scale + one digit of the 2 K Gauss range.
  • ± 2 % full scale + one digit of the 20 K Gauss range.
  • Full Scale range : 0 to 2 and 0 to 20 Kilo Gauss
  • Display : LED display, Digital Panel meter measures 3 ½

Applications of Digital Gauss Meter

The sole purpose of using the Digital Gauss Meter is to measure the magnetic flux with accuracy. Loudspeakers, DC motors, magnets relays etc are measured of their flux using the Digital Meter. They are very useful for online production testing.


  • Hand held and battery operated
  • Low field Gauss Meter
  • AC field Digital Gauss Meter

Please note

  • Specifications and technical details are subject to change without notification, place enquiry before making a sale.
  • Customized models of Digital Gauss Meter are also available.

Star Trace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a commendable manufacture of Digital Gauss meter with more than twenty five years of experience as manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Our specially trained engineers bring out flawlessly working Gauss meters that work without trouble for years. A dedicated quality team ensures that all the products manufactured are of high order in quality. Competitively priced the Digital Gauss meter sales happen throughout the year.

Star Trace model of Digital Gauss meter is S-20 which is superior in quality. The Gauss meter is used to measure magnetic flux and the calibrated output is displayed in the LED panel. A set of controls are positioned in the face of the Gauss meter and the total unit is safely placed in a plastic casing. The Digital Gauss meter is also provided with tilt bracket and is portable since it is of light weight. LED displays are fixed to have clear reading of the calibrated output. The unit or Digital Gauss meter has a transverse Hall probe 50mm x 105mm and the actual sensing area begins from the tip.


The components of the Digital Gauss meter are display unit, constant generator and amplifier. Current that flows constantly is placed in the magnetic field this produces a proportional voltage which is calibrated and displayed in kilo Gauss.

Specifications of Table Top Gauss Meter:

  • Display : 3 ½ DPM.
  • Weight and size : 3kgs, 210mm x 95mm x 225mm
  • Range Full Scale : 0 to 2 and 0 to 20 Kilo Gauss.
  • Accuracy : ±2 % full scale + one digit of the 20 K Gauss range.
  • ±1 % full scale + one digit of the 2 K Gauss range.
  • Resolution : 0.1 percent of full scale
  • Power requirement : 10 Watts, 240V a.c 50Hz
Table-Top Gauss Meter Applications

The Digital Gauss Meter is the most commonly used instrument to measure the magnetic intensity of DC motors, loud speaker, magnets etc. They are mostly used in the production line for testing.

Other Models

Other than for Table top Digital Gauss Meter models like hand held Gauss meter, Low field Gauss Meter and A.C field Gauss Meter are also available.

Please Note:
  • We design and manufacture customized Digital Gauss Meters according to customer requirements, send us an inquiry with your requirements and we will cater to your need. You could also drop in to our head office at Chennai (Tamilnadu, India) for sales enquiry.
  • Technical specification is subject to change without intimation.