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Metal Separation

Metal Separation

Separation of metals from a mixture of many other materials was a marathon task until separation equipment came into existence. Metal separation can be effectively brought about by metal separation equipment or metal sorters which either pull up ferrous metals or deflect non metals. Ferrous metal separators use magnets for metal sorting and the eddy current principle is applied in eddy current separator to be used as non ferrous metal detector.

The over band magnetic separator is an effective metal sorter which is capable of pulling up large sized ferrous particles. The metal sorter is suspended from above over a conveyor belt.The deep magnetic field reaches the material conveyed below and picks up ferrous contaminants to be discharged away from the main stream. By installing such metal separation equipment valuable metal is recovered and other machines are protected from damage. Metal sorting is much needed in recycling industry where different kinds of metal sorters are employed.

  • Magnetic Roll Separator
  • Drum Magnets
  • Magnetic Wet Drum Separator
  • OBMS

Star Trace manufactures specialised equipment for ferrous metal separation and non ferrous metal detector. Turnkey solutions for various recycling projects have been installed by us and we deal with numerous metal sorters and metal sorting equipment. As the end to end installation of equipment and process flow is taken care of by us we employ non ferrous metal detector like Eddy Current separator to achieve total metal separation.

Other than these metal separators when dealing with wet feeds special metal sorter machines are used like the wet drum separator, liquid line separator etc. which are exclusive metal sorting equipment that perform precisely when dealing with wet feeds. Thus by engagingapt metal separation methods and the pertaining metal sorting equipment highest recovery of metals is achieved.

Consult our experienced engineers for all your metal sorting queries and we are sure to provide you with the most effective metal recovery system that best suites the kind of feed dealt with.