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Vibrating Table

We, Star Trace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. sited at Chennai, Tamilnadu,India have gained twenty five plus years of experience in handling vibrating equipment and have been the unprecedented leader with strong presence in sales. Though we are not manufactures of compaction table alone, it has been very special; as it is one of the machinery peak in sales. As manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of vibratory table or compaction table designs suiting varied purposes are custom made. Vibrating / compaction tables from small to big have received flawless manufacturing which keeps us going sturdy not only in Chennai, Tamilnadu (India) but world over.

Do you need a vibrating or compaction table for packaging, pre-casting or equipment testing? all standard size vibratory compaction tables are readily available where as tailor made vibrating tables may take one to three weeks. Whatever be the requirement you can be sure of increasing productivity and efficiency on associating with us.

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An unbalanced vibrator motor placed at the bottom of the table makes the table to oscillate. By adjusting the unbalanced motor; when at stand still, oscillation can be increased or decreased on finalizing requirement. On the other hand if an electric control with frequency inverter is put to use, changing of vibration frequency even while the Vibrating Table is in operation is possible.All parameters influencing vibration are adjustable according to norms in bringing out productivity.

The whole vibrating table operates on a simple principle but to put all of them together and bring out a product for sales with maximum competency needs, expertise and skill which one can expect from the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, Star Trace Chennai,(India). We value your relationship and would cater to your needs by bringing tailor made vibrating tables that escalate performance and directly saving money and time in the operations front.


Prominent features of compaction table or Vibrating Table

  • User friendly operation
  • Capacity of up to 200lbs
  • Power consumption reduces
  • Very less or no maintenance
  • Noiseless running
  • Homogeneous vibration through out
  • Vibration felt only on top portion of table
  • Good quality motors to with stand wear and tare
  • Perfect assembling of all parts for smooth functioning

Vibratory Table finds its use in a wide spectrum of industries. Let’s discuss the different areas of application of the Vibrating Table

  • Stone and brick veneer industry
  • Casting of concrete
  • Testing of instruments for meeting standards
  • Architectural and decorative pre-casting
  • Wood / wood shavings industries
  • Food processing
  • Foundry
  • Steel
  • Plastic processing / molding manufacturers & suppliers
  • Chemical
  • Packaging of finished products in wooden boxes, bags or sacks, cartons, drums etc.

The dimension of vibratory table can be changed to suite varied use in different applicable areas. For example in an environment where food is being packed in tins or boxes, the operating area of the table will be of standard size, even if bigger and wider tables are provided they may turn out to be inconvenient. On the contrary vibratory tables used in concrete casting should have more width and length to accommodate molds and to allow sufficient time before they reach the next step in creation. Another area where elements need change are, handling heavy stuff. When bulky end products have to be packed in barrels or drums, placing them on high vibratory table is a tough task. To ease this out, low floor tables can be designed thus making the task easier and faster.

  • Put more material into smaller containers.
  • Ship less air.
  • Reduce overflow and spillover waste at filling stations.
  • Perform fatigue testing.
  • Top quality, fastest delivery.

The basic idea of vibratory motion in Vibrating Table is to settle down all the substance inside a container so that they are evenly arranged and spread out to all corners making more space for further filling. As more and more accommodation is available on vibrating, space saving happens thus reducing the total count for shipment. This without saying saves you a considerable amount of money in transportation.

A completely different dimension to vibratory motion is given when vibrating table for paver blocks is manufactured. The process begins when a worker fills the molds with concrete & places it on the compaction table that doubles itself as conveyor. While on the move vibrating / vibratory table releases air bubbles trapped from within to the top & escapes out. By doing so i.e by the vibrating process the paver block resists breakage. Quality has improved, directly sales will increase. thus this is one of the scientific ways to improve sales & trust.

Vibrating Table

Vibrating Tables are modest looking equipment which make a whole lot of difference with the simple act of vibration. Star Trace range of vibrating tables come in different dimensions and height. The vibration induced on the table is uniform throughout the face of the Vibrating Table so as to achieve the same output when placed at any corner of the table. Vibrating tables are used for packing contents in cartons or sacks compactly. When placed on vibrating table the gentle shaking allows all the particles to settle down, leaving more space for occupancy. In concrete block making the vibration table release the trapped air bubbles and makes them resistant to breakage.

Applications of Vibrating Table:

  • Filling in huge bags
  • Concrete brick making
  • Packing in cartons, small pouches etc.
  • Testing of electronic boards
  • Settling contents of drums

The vibrating tables manufactured by us are available in different sizes. Customized tables can also be delivered against order.

Vibratory Table

Designed to perfection and delivered on time are Star Trace Vibratory Table. Having handled vibratory and magnetic equipment for more than two and a half decades we are proud manufactures having customer base in several countries. The vibratory table resembles a work table for which vibrations are induced through vibrating motors placed on the underside of the table. Uniform vibration is achieved by the perfectly tuned unbalance of the vibration motor. Under the watchful eyes of our experienced engineers the product undergoes quality checks at each level and is delivered for flawless working. Vibration helps in the compaction of materials filled in boxes, cartons, sacs and drums. The vibratory motion in vibrating table is best used in making concrete blocks as the trapped air bubbles are released, making them stronger against breakage.

A few of the application areas of Vibrating Table are:

  • Compaction of materials in boxes, bags etc.
  • Concrete mold making
  • Testing electronic boards
  • Filling up of huge bags for shipment.

Compaction Table

Star Trace as a leading manufacturer of vibrating table, designs them in varying dimensions to suite the wide usage across many industries. Variations can be seen in the height of the Vibrating Table for when compacting huge bags or drums handling them at lower levels are easier when compared to normal table height. The length and breadth of the table top is designed depending on the quantity of material handled. Vibration again can be custom made to fulfill the purpose. Compaction tables are widely used in making concrete blocks. When the freshly filled concrete blocks are placed on vibrating tables air bubbles locked in the unset concrete mixture are made to move upward and released. This increases strength and minimizes breakage. Uniformity and shining finish of the concrete block is also achieved.

Manufacturing industries which us the compaction table are:

  • Foundry
  • Concrete
  • Chemical
  • Food processing
  • Plastic
  • Construction
  • Scientific instruments


Star Trace, the vibratory compaction table specialists are here to provide A-Z of solutions relating to vibration. The vibratory motion is useful for packing as the compaction results in settling down of the material evenly and providing more space. A neat finish is also achieved which makes the product attractive. The vibratory compaction table is designed with different dimensions to cater to the wide range of utilities.

Most prominent use of vibratory compaction tables are in paver block making industry. Concrete is mixed in the required proportion with or without mixing color and filled in molds while placed on vibratory compaction tables. The vibratory motion of the Vibrating Table brings the trapped air bubbles inside the concrete to the top and is released into the atmosphere. Along with this motion they are also conveyed to the next step of block making.

Few of the Salient features of Vibratory Compaction are

  • Uniform vibration
  • Sturdy structure
  • permanent magnet
  • Vibration control
  • Speed control
  • Custom made


As one of the leading brands in vibrating table manufacturing Star Trace has designed special vibrating table for concrete mold making. Though the vibrating table is used in very many ways for packing and compaction the use of it is highlighted in concrete mold making. In the packaging industry the vibratory table produced gentle shakes so that the product compactly fills the cartons and space is made for accommodating more material. Thus saving on space as well as on expenditure for shipment. The vibrating table for concrete molds is quite a long one with unbalanced motors for producing vibrations. The motors many number up to two depending on the requirement of the client. The molds are filled with concrete and placed on the vibrating table. Air pockets trapped in the concrete mixture are dislodged which indirectly strengthens the blocks and imparts resistance to breakage. Thus the vibrating table for concrete molds becomes a mandatory equipment.


We, Star Trace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. the unprecedented leader in manufacturing magnetic and vibrating equipment is proud to elucidate the time perfected vibrating table for paver block. Though the vibrating table is widely used in packaging and compacting departments the explicit use of it is in making paver blocks. What are paver blocks? Paver blocks resemble bricks and are used for laying in drive ways, gardens, pathways etc. They rule over bricks in strength and are designed to be removed and relayed when needed. This gives them a head way when compared to other alternatives. Since strength is the first priority in making paver blocks this can be reassured only by using the vibrating table for paver blocks. The vibrating table releases the imprisoned air bubbles when being conveyed on the vibrating table for paver blocks. When they travel the whole stretch of the vibrating table there is almost total evacuation of trapped air and maximum strength will be attained upon drying up in the mold.

Laboratory vibrating table

Led by a team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers, we at Star Trace have perfected the Laboratory vibrating table with the latest in technology and standards. Vibrating equipment are used for several purposes in many manufacturing units. The laboratory vibrating table is used to test resistance.

Some of the important features of laboratory vibrating table are

  • Sturdy construction
  • Uniform vibration
  • Neat exterior finish
  • Long lasting
  • Adjustable vibration
  • Low or nil maintenance

Other than the laboratory vibrating table there are also paver block making vibrating table, vibrating table for compacting and packing. By using the vibrating table more space is made and even savings in the form of money is achieved. So it’s mandatory to employ a vibrating table to refine packaging.

Industries which use vibrating table include

  • Chemicals
  • Fertilizer
  • Grains
  • Food industry etc.

Owing to its low maintenance and efficient work the vibrating table has become one of the mandatory equipment in all industries which handle packaging for cargo.