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Magnetic Trap

Magnetic Trap

Magnetic traps are designed to remove ferrous impurities from liquid streams and slurry pipes. The magnetic trap has a sump like appearance and is fitted across pipelines through which the liquid flows. Star Trace has designed the magnetic trap with varying capacities so as to match the production rate demanded by manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. Sale of magnetic trap is seen in almost all industries which deal with liquid products.

  • Liquid Trap Magnet
  • Metal Separation From Liquid
  • Liquid Line Magnetic Traps
  • Liquid Line Separator
  • Liquid Line Trap Magnetic Separator
Liquid Trap Magnets Metal Separation From Liquids Liquid Line Magnetic Traps Liquid Line Separators Liquid Line Trap Magnetic Separators

Construction and Working of magnetic trap

Construction of magnetic trap:

The magnetic trap is designed using high grade stainless steel so it is safe for use in food industry and others who’s requirements are met. Other materials can also be used in the construction when demanded for in a sale. The magnetic trap has a lid like arrangement which has magnetic rods fixed in it. When the magnetic trap is fitted into the pipe line the magnetic rods cut across the entire liquid stream flowing through it.

Working of magnetic trap:

Incorporating the magnetic trap into an existing slurry pipe or any other liquid carrying pipe line is the least cumbersome activity. As a manufacturer following standard dimensions our magnetic traps fit perfectly, customized magnetic traps can also be designed on sales request.

Prominent features of Magnetic trap
  • Complete SS construction
  • Magnets are embedded in water proof casing
  • Rare earth magnets are one inch in diameter
  • Inlet and outlet are perfectly welded
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
Applications of Magnetic trap

Magnetic traps can be used in any liquid handling industry from which ferrous impurities have to be removed. Commonly applied industries include

  • Mining industry
  • juice extraction
  • Paint manufacturing
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical etc.

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