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Magnetic Welding Flux Separator

Magnetic Welding Flux Separator

Star Trace Magnetic Welding Flux Separator used to remove the iron and other magnetic materials. Magnetic welding flux separator is first process through shaker screening, one of the coarse slag powder to remove, and then by magnetic separation device to remove iron and other magnetic materials. Star Trace screening machine and magnetic separator is multiple machines it will saving the investment.

Star Trace Magnetic Welding flux separator used for the vibration machine is powered, multi-layer mesh filter, magnetic flux to be used to monitor and improve the operation of the entire work efficiency, reduce the flux loss, ensure the welding quality, save time and effort, is currently on the market is more advanced and ideal solder processing device of choice.

  • Magnetic Welding Flux Separator

Magnetic drum protected by a robust stainless steel casing, flanged to customer specification. Designed for the continuous removal of tramp iron and fine iron particles in dry bulk materials. The shell of the drum is supported by high-quality sealed bearings that provide reliable and smooth rotation around the magnetic element. The drum is powered by a high quality geared motor block with single or three phase power.

Vibrating Screen
Drive 2 No's of Un Balanced Vibro Motor
No.of deck Single
Screen Size 400 * 800 mm
Mesh moc Stainless Steel
Mesh Opening As per customer requirement

Power 0.19 KW
Max.centrifugual force 2200N
Speed 1440 RPM
Supply Input 3Ph, 415V, 50Hz
Rated Current 0.78 AMPS

Type Drum Type Drum Width 250 MM
Type of magnet High intensity,High Gradient,High Power, Strontium Ferrite. Capacity 50 kg/hr
No of passes Single
Remanence BR 3900-4200 Gauss Shell 2 mm thick s.s 304
Coercivity force BHC 223-239KA/M/2.8-3.0KOE Drum head/cover Aluminium / mild steel
Intrinsic coercivity force ihc ≥223-255KA/M/≥2.8-3.2KOE Shaft En8
Maximum energy product BHM.(BH) Max. 30.25-33.43KJ/M3/3.8-4.2MGOE Drive "v" belt with pulley
Maximum operating temperature 250 °C Motor 0.75 kw, 3 phase, 415v,50 hz, 40rpm with reduction gear box
Drum dia ø200MM

1. Technical data and specification subject to change.
2. Our product is customized one it will change as per customers requirement.
3. Magnetic welding flux separator of different sizes and capacity can be made on request, Please send us Your’s Technical data and application, required for our engineers to provide.