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Lift Magnets


Magnetic lifter can be parted into two different lifting types. They are the electric magnetic lifter and permanent magnetic lifter. This parted electric magnetic lifter and permanent magnetic lifter will spawn a strong magnetic field on their exterior working while during the working process of magnetic lifter.

By the effect of the above process, the magnetic field line will cross over the ferromagnetic work piece while during their process. Then the work piece of the ferromagnetic can be tend as part of the main magnetic loop. The relative movement across the magnetic systems will succeeds in adding and removing of magnetic field strength on their exterior working place. Then the magnetic lifter will assures in switch between load and unload process. No Power Failure: Permanent magnets provides the lifting force, which are consistently ready to do their work process. It will never has the ability to loss any electric power. Due to any power failure, the permanent magnets never need to re-magnetized. Thus, it also doesn’t depends on the outside electric power source.

Safe: Safe practices in use of magnetic lifts, provides the enormous working load and it would be no more than half of the test load process. These magnetic lifters has been loaded and tested for more than two times of the safe working load as shown in the table for your reference.

Slim Structure and easy to operate: Permanent magnetic lifting component is light weight per pound of lifting potential. It may also need helps people, for providing a way of easily transferable for the usage of peoples in indoors and outdoors. This slim structure magnetic lifter improves to handle smooth-surfaced, heavy, solid ferrous blocks.

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