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Eddy current machine

Eddy current machine uses a specialized separation method to separate non- ferrous substances from discarded industrial material and many more compound substances that need separation. The Eddy current machine is capable of separating copper, aluminium etc. from the input. Carrying out separation manually is a marathon task and it is time consuming as well, by employing the Eddy current machine precise separation takes place at a faster rate with negligible loss. Industries from various sectors install the Eddy current machine and have reaped substantial profit with the recovery of valuable metals.

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Fundamental working of Eddy current machine

The Eddy current machine produces current in circular motion within a conductor produced by changing magnetic field in a conductor.

Within the Eddy current machine a magnetic rotor with changing flux spins rapidly inside a drum that is driven by a conveyer, when a nonferrous substance floats through the conveyor the fluctuating magnetic field induces eddy current in the nonferrous material deflecting it away from the stream into a collection point pre-positioned. Feeds that show no reaction fall freely below.

Salient features of Eddy current machine
  • Robust construction to handle heavy loads
  • Low maintenance
  • appreciable separation
  • saves other machinery from damage
  • rare earth magnets exhibit strong magnetic field.

The Eddy current machine is extensively used in plastic recycling units where presence of an iota of metal would bring down the quality of the end product. Keeping this in mind Star Trace has designed superior Eddy current machines which are commendable. The Eddy current machine is either a lone separator or one among the process flow; this purely depends on the industry into which it is applied. The use of Eddy current machine is penetrating different industries and we as an experienced manufacturer have customized it to suite explicit applications.