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Vibratory Motors

Vibratory Motors

Vibratory motors from Star Trace are well known for their unmatched performance that goes unaltered for years. Perfectly tuned vibratory motions are achieved at all times which is owed by eccentric weights fitted at both the ends of the shaft. Varying models of Vibrating Motors are available for sale to fulfill the requirements of different applications seaked by suppliers and exporters.

Head quartered in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India we supply vibratory motors globally and sales has never seen a dip.

Uses of Vibratory motors:

  • Processing (eg. Seiving), Packing (eg. Compacting)
  • Mining industry
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Power generation
  • Plastic industry
  • Food and food processing
  • Petro-chemical.
  • Unbalanced Vibratory Motor
  • Unbalance Motor
  • Vibrating Motor
  • Vibratory Motor
  • Vibro Motor
Unbalanced Vibratory Motor Unbalance Motor Vibrating Motor Vibratory Motor Vibro Motor

Technical Data:

Centrifugal Force Range:From 42 to 14250N
Operating torque range suitable for vibrating units:From 3.6 to 3600 Kgs.
Working weight range:From 1 to 6000 Kgs.
Power connection:From 3Phase current with 50 Hz 415V A.C.
Rated consumption:0.1 to 10KW.
Ambient temperature:Upto 60 deg.C
Degree of protection:IP 65as in DIN 40 050, P.2
IP 55as in DIN IEC 34, Part 5.
Insulation class:F class.


The major utility of the vibratory motor is in material handling and few of the equipment that use the vibrating motor are vibrating table, gyratory screen separator etc., it is also used for releasing conjunction in silos and hoppers. On using the vibratory motor the processing time is reduced and production rate increases. Commonly used application areas of vibratory motors are:-

  • Mining Industry
  • Steel and Foundry
  • Food Processing
  • Chemical and fertilizer manufacturer
  • Recycling
  • Packaging


The vibratory motor showcases attractive features which make them employable in every situation that demands vibration.

  • Efficiency is increased
  • Reliable working at all times
  • Less maintenance
  • Strong built-up to with stand tough working conditions
  • Cast Iron body for durability
  • Insulation – F class, impermeable to moisture dust and vibrations.
  • Adjustments in vibration is done by altering the position of unbalanced weights.


Vibratory motors are one of the basic components that have been in use decades back. To define them they are compactly designed to be used in combination or individually. Vibration is brought about by imbalance in weight which is attained by adjusting shaft weight. When the Vibratory Motor is switched on a vibratory motion is produced which can be used for several purposes like compacting, distributing, emptying, loosening, cleaning screens etc.

We provide quite a large range of vibratory motors with capacities ranging from minimum to maximum. The intensity of vibration largely depends on the speed at which the rotatory unit spins.

Advantages of Star Trace Vibratory Motor

  • Fully enclosed body to keep away dust.
  • Tough construction to withstand rugged environment.
  • Magnitude is adjustable.
  • Less noisy

Some of the applications of vibratory motors are,

  • Vibratory feeder
  • Vibratory Screens
  • Vibrating table
  • Vibrating hopper
  • Vibrating compactors etc.

Vibrators Motor

Reap the benefits of 25yrs of unparalleled experience Star Trace has gathered and be ready to experience perfection like hundreds of our esteemed clients. We offer less noisy trouble free vibrator motors which will be perfect combination in vibrating tables, vibrating feeders, hoppers as well as for compaction.

Vibrations are brought about by changing the weight in shafts which creates an imbalance leading to vibration in one direction. If vibration is needed in two directions two Vibratory Motors can be used to achieve it.

If vibrator motor is used for compaction more material can be fit in the definite volume, thus saving space.

In vibratory screen separator the vibration stimulated will aid in speeding up the separation process.

A vibrating table used in concrete block making will release the air bubbles in the freshly filled molds making it stronger and less vulnerable to breakage.

Vibrating feeders help in discharging the feed evenly at a set rate and at the same time loosening lumps and empty till the last grain.

Vibration Motor

Banking on our most treasured experience we come up with equipment which are superior in quality and working.Having been in the field of manufacturing for quarter of a century,through the years we have learnt valuable lesson which have propelled us to perform better than the best. This intuition is reflected in all our equipment there by delivering genuiness and trust.

Vibration Motor are capable of producing vibration in single direction as well as in two different directions when two motors are used. Facilitation of vibration is by adjusting the weight in the motor shaft creating an unbalanced state.

Vibration motor can either work on its own or serve by being a component in a larger working. A few advantages of vibratory motion caused by Vibratory Motor are,

  • Compaction
  • Emptying
  • Even distribution
  • Conveying
  • Loosening
  • Cleaning screens

Few Industries which use vibration motors are mining, chemical, fertilizer, Pharma, food etc.

Unbalance motor

Star Trace is one of the leading manufacturers of unbalance motor or vibratory motor. These motors have been manufactured right from our inception and have undergone many variations for better functioning as well as to satisfy the changing requirements of our clients.

Vibration sets in when the weights placed in the motor shaft are adjusted. By making fine changes the exact vibration pattern can be achieved. Making this change is easy and can be done manually. Frequency of vibration can be increased by increasing the speed of the Vibratory Motor. Using a single motor, vibration will be achieved in a particular direction. When vibration is required in two directions another motor can be used resulting in quicker disposal of feed or faster compaction.

Unbalance Motor is employed where uniform feeding is required, compaction for accommodating more material in a given space, releasing rapped air to add strength eg. Concreted block making etc.

Vibro Motor

Vibratory motor also known as Vibro motor is very commonly found in all manufacturing industries. The use of vibro motor is extensive as the vibration caused by it is used for conveying, discharging, compacting, loosening, cleaning etc.

The vibratory motion happens in a vibro motor due to the unbalanced state created when changes are made in the weight attached to the shaft.

The simple vibratory motion produced by the Vibratory Motor is useful in executing many different kinds of jobs. A few of the prominent features which make our product the ‘Vibratory Motor’ stand out are:

  • Outer body is strong and durable protecting the motor from dust and rugged working environment.
  • Heavy duty bearing to withstand wear and tear
  • Less noise
  • Centrifugal force can be adjusted
  • No maintenance
  • Value for money

Vibrator motors can be seen in industries like chemicals, fertilizer, food, pharma and mining. They are also employed for cleaning of vibratory screens and loosening lumps.

Vibrating motor

The vibratory motor is a common motor found in almost all industries that need the vibratory motion in order to empty a feed or to evenly spread or convey with vibration. Star Trace offers a wide range of vibrating motors in 2,4, 6& 8 pole specifications. Our vibratory motor is perfected with time and is sure to give flawless performance.

Vibratory motors are fitted in feeders to perform as vibratory feeders. Uniform discharge of feed is attained at the same time lumps if any will be loosened.

Vibratory screens are fitted with vibrating motors to speed up as well as to increase the efficiency of screen in segregating.

Vibrating Tables use vibrating motor to stimulate gentle vibrations. These tables are used in concrete mold making, by placing the mold on the vibrating table trapped air is released. Making the blocks stronger and less susceptible to breakage.

Mining, chemical, fertilizer, food etc. are few of the industries which use vibrating motor.

Unbalanced Vibratory Motor

Star Trace as one of the leading manufacturer of vibratory motor caters to clients with a wide range of Vibratory Motors varying in specification. The vibratory motion is brought about by adjusting the weight in the motor. Vibration in two directions can be brought about by using two motors. Vibratory motors manufactured by Star Trace are:-

  • Robust built up
  • Protected from dust
  • Less noise
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Heavy duty ball bearing

The vibratory motor is put to use in combination with other equipment to enhance their performance eg. Vibrating table, vibratory feeder, vibratory screen etc. They are also used for compacting when packing, resulting in saving of space. To add to their efficiency they release trapped air bubbles from concreted filled molds, mild vibration is the perfect requirement.

Industries which use vibratory motors are mining, pharmaceutical, food, fertilizer etc.


Type Maximum Operating
Torque KgCm
Centrifugal Force
Suitable for Vibratory
Equipment within Weight
Range of Kg to Kg
Rated Output
Rated Current
of 50Hz 415V
2-Pole motor with approximately 2800rpm:-
ST-4 4.0 2200 20 70 22 0.19 0.8
ST-6 8.0 4000 50 100 24 0.37 1.0
ST-8 12.0 6100 110 360 28 0.75 1.4
ST-10 21.0 10200 200 610 44 1.10 1.6
4-Pole motor with approximately 1440rpm:-
ST-4X 22 2250 35 70 24 0.19 0.8
ST-6X 35 4300 55 175 31 0.37 0.9
ST-7X 52 6400 100 275 36 0.51 1.10
ST-8X 78 9500 1600 415 50 0.75 1.50
ST-10X 125 16000 300 730 72 1.1 1.90
ST-12X 150 22000 350 900 76 1.49 2.30
6-Pole motor with approximately 950rpm:-
ST-10W 210 11450 160 410 96 1.1 1.8
ST-12W 420 22950 460 960 120 1.49 3.0
ST-14W 630 34600 750 1500 150 2.30 5.7
ST-16W 960 52600 1030 2180 285 2.74 6.5
ST-18W 1275 70150 1480 3000 320 3.87 9.0